Automatic Control Group


The automatic control group is a pioneer in the field of control applications of marine energy systems, and in particular the OWC plant. In the same way that there are very few research groups related to the control of plasma in fusion reactors, which is one of the first steps in the fusion plan. In this sense, the group presents important contributions to these lines of research, with numerous publications in international journals (JCR) and several doctoral theses.

In addition, the group has established formal collaboration agreements with the competent institutions in the field of application:

  • The Basque Energy Agency, EVE, for the use of the OWC pilot plant of marine energy origin called NEREIDA and located in Mutriku.
  • The National Fusion Laboratory, CIEMAT, that acts as a bridge to access the TCV reactor of the CRPP in Lausanne under the umbrella of the EURATOM.
  • The CiCBioGUNE to collaborate in Epidemic Control.

These agreements are fully aligned with the three main research lines of the ACG:

  • Control Applied to Fusion
  • Control Applied to Ocean Energy
  • Epidemic Control