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Book of facilities

Event organiser: UPV/EHU

 All activities complying with the following terms and conditions will be considered to be activities organised by UPV/EHU:

  • For all purposes relating to publicity, dissemination and management, the activity should be defined with UPV/EHU (or a department there of) as its main ORGANISER. The rest of institutions or agencies who participate in the event must appear as collaborators or co-organizer.   
  • The Organizing Committee for the event should be formed by at least a 60% staff from the UPV/EHU.
  • In the case of congresses or similar activities, they will be deemed to be organized by the UPV/EHU when, apart from fulfill the two mentioned conditions, THERE IS A FAVOURABLE REPORT FROM THE RELEVANT UPV/EHU CENTRE OR FACULTY. The appropriate certificate signed by the secretary of the approving entity (Centre Board or the Permanent Commission of the Faculty) will therefore has to be produced.


Event organiser: OTHERS