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Booking of facilities

Organising body for the event: UPV/EHU

Where the three conditions stated above are met and providing the booking is made MORE THAN FOUR MONTHS IN ADVANCE, the RENTAL of the spaces will be FREE OF CHARGE. Not the rest of the expenses thay may result from the celebration of the event (audiovisual technician, catering, translator...).

Outside the building's normal schedule (Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm - and 8 am to 2 pm in August), a certain number of charges will have to be met such as (the exact amounts are stipulated in accordance with current rates):

  • Reception staff
  • Audiovisual technical assistance with a different rate
  • Depending on the type of event, the appropriate charges for cleaning

If you wish to make a booking at the weekend or outside the regular schedules, please contact us at our email address or by phone on 94 601 81 00.

Bookings made less than seven days in advance should be done by phone (94 601 81 00).

Elhuyar and Barandiaran are for the preferential use of UPV/EHU for internal events. The timing for such activities should be published at the beginning of each year. Hence, although the halls have been reserved (they will be blocked out and made inaccessible to any other user), their availability will not be guaranteed or confirmed until such time.

Due to the complexity or their equipement, the auditoriums Mitxelena, Baroja and Arriaga (in the case of the last one, depending on the characteristics of the event) will need to hire an audiovisual tecnician to control the system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the event to organize is an exhibition, the availability and the pre booking of the needed rooms does not guarantee the confirmation of this celebration. Apart from the booking request, a small descriptive report of the activitiy (expository work, participants, promotional events, complementary activities, etc.) must be also sent to the following address:

The next events will be promoted and prioritized:

  • Those which promote complementary activities to the exhibition such as: conferences, workshops, guided visits, films, etc.
  • Those which create a suitable place in which the artist and the audience can interact.
  • Those which involve students from UPV/EHU in the production and promotion of the exhibitions (commission, guided visits, communication tasks, etc.).

There must also be considered that the number of exhibitions organized by the UPV/EHU taking place at the same time is limited to two. In addition, the reserve shall not be longer than 2 weeks (mounting and dismantling included) and it must not use more than one room. For that specific purpose, Axular and Etxepare rooms have been defined.
In any case, the Commission for the exhibitions of the Bizkaia Aretoa will be flexible with those proposals that meet the three established conditions but have different needs.

Book spaces. Access with LDAP key number.

Book spaces. Access with LDAP key number

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