Call for Papers

The deadline for submission of ABSTRACTS is open until September 30th, 2021.

The abstracts will have a maximum extension of 300 words and will include:

  •     Title
  •     Author (s)
  •     University or research center

Abstracts will be sent to the e-mail address

All proposals must be submitted to one of the thematic sections that will be addressed during the Conference.

In the Conference, in addition to the central theme, it is planned to analyze, reflect and debate on issues such as:

  • The current state of journalism and its relationship with the Internet.
  • Challenges of convergence.
  • The expansion of the phenomenon of social media.
  • Uses and possibilities of Web 2.0.
  • The new professional profiles demanded by the media.
  • Citizen participation in the new information environment.
  • Ethics and deontology in online information.
  • Business and strategies in digital media.
  • The new trends in professional journalism and new technologies.
  • The new genres of networked journalism.
  • Teaching learning of journalism and communication.

The organizing committee will communicate within 15 days the acceptance or not of the proposal.



The abstracts of all accepted communications will be published in a Book of Abstracts, with ISBN.



Authors who wish to publish the full text of their communication may choose one of these two options:

Conference Proceedings

- The full texts of the accepted communications may be published in the Congress Proceedings Book, edited by the UPV/EHU editorial service, with ISBN.
- Texts that do not conform to the style guidelines will be rejected.

Associated Journals

- Alternatively, authors may choose to send their texts to one of the two journals associated with the Conference: Mediatika (ISSN 1137-4462) or (ISSN 1695-5498).
- The texts will be subjected to a peer evaluation, in accordance with the publication standards of each of these magazines.