Disabled People´s Service

The Disabled Peoples' Service was set up to ensure the principle of equal opportunities by facilitating students' access to studies and services and their full participation in the university, in 2003. It`s answerable to the Offices of the Vice-Rector of Student and Employment.

It currently has service units on the campuses of Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

The Governing Board approved the IIIrd inclusion Plan  2019-2022  (Spanish version) of The University of the Basque Country, in April 2019.

This plan sets out the four core strategies on which the Service's actions are based.

  • Axis I
    Guaranteeing information in the key of social and educational inclusion so that pre-university students consider university studies as a real option and make decisions appropriate to their circumstances
  • Axis II
    Ensuring equal opportunities in access to university studies
  • Axis III
    Fostering the development of university life from an inclusive perspective
  • Axis IV
    Facilitating the transition to working life

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