INTERREG V Cooperation programme

LINGUATEC: Development of cross-border cooperation and the transfer of knowledge in language technologies.


Specific programme: Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A España-Francia-Andorra (Interreg POCTEFA)
UPV/EHU Partner Status: Beneficiary
UPV/EHU PI: Kepa Sarasola
Project start: 01/01/2018
Project end:   31/12/2020

Brief description: The goal of the project is to develop, test and disseminate new innovative linguistic resources, tools and solutions for a better digitalization level ofthe Aragonian, Basque and Occitan (O) languages. Expected results include:

  1. A Road Map for Aragonian Digitalization.
  2. Five new linguistic resources: Occitan: monolingual and bilingual lexicons and morphosyntactic and syntactic analysis; Basque: speech recognition.
  3. Eight linguistic tools developed: Aragonian, Iparralde Basque and Occitan vocal synthesis, Occitan and variants textual detector, improvement of automatic translation of Aragonian and Basque to Spanish and Occitan-French.
  4. Six innovative solutions developed: this will be a downloadable bar for automatic translation on browsers, automatic translation tools for CMS, automatic translation app for three languages, Unified Basque Digital Handbook, Aragonian online Dictionary, multilingual semantic search browser.
  5. Two university-business collaboration agreements for commercialization.  

Cross-border cooperation will allow the transfer of knowledge and development of linguistic solutions with a potential market uptake, benefitting language professionals, easing access to multilingual contents, and fostering the development of a cross-border language technology cluster.