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Joint Technology Initiatives (JTI)

In a very limited number of cases, the scope of an RTD objective and the scale of necessary resources could justify the construction of a long-term public-private partnership as a Joint Technology Initiative (JTI).

JTIs are structured into consortia between public and private entities involved in mobilising sources and mechanisms of European and national, public and private funding. Legal entities that are able to administrate the funds can be established. These entities shall supervise the combination and usage of public and private funding to implement the selected research programmes.

The possible joint technology initiatives shall be determined openly and transparently based on specific evaluation criteria and in certain cases they will structure the research to be carried out in those sectors within the H2020.

More information: About Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs)

 Joint Technology Initiatives 2020 Calls

PROGRAMME  CALLS IN 2020 Topic/area  Open  Deadline

ECSEL (Electronic components and systems)

ECSEL Call 2020 Digital excellence/semantic web hosting 05/02/2020 Depending on the topic, first semester 2020 (see call details)

IMI 2 (Innovative Medicines Initiative)

IMI Call 20

6 topics open

21 January 2020

21 april 2020 (stage 1), 5 November 2020 (Stage 2)

FCH 2 (fuel Cell and Hydrogen)

FCH2 Call 2020 Several topics open 14 January 2020 21 April 2020



Several topics open

14 January 2020

14 April 2020
SHIFT2RAIL Shitf2Rail Call 2020 Several topics Open 7 January 2020 21 April 2020


To be confirmed To be confirmed To be confirmed To be confirmed


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