how to get from a to b

How to get from A to B

Here you can find all information regarding transport at the FJIM 2014.

From Bilbao Airport to Bilbao centre

Regular bus service

You can find the bus stop for Bilbao centre to the right when you leave the arrivals terminal of the airport. Buses run from 6:20 to 00:00 every 20 minutes (:20/:40/:00). These buses have the number 3247 displayed on the front screen of the bus. They have four stops in Bilbao: Alameda Recalde, 14; Moyua Plaza; Gran Vía, 74; and Termibus-Bilbao Central Bus Station.


There is a taxi stop in front of the arrivals terminal of the airport.

From Bilbao centre to the Faculty of Science and Technology

There will be a daily bus service, which is free for all registered participants, between Bilbao centre and the Faculty of Science and Technology in the Leioa Campus, and return. All buses running this service will show a sign with the words "CONGRESO MATEMATICAS" written on it.

Conference buses. Monday, June 30

All buses will leave at 13:00 from outside the Bizkaia Aretoa Auditorium.

Conference buses. Tuesday, July 1 - Friday, July 4

There will be buses leaving from near all accommodation facilities, according to the following schedule:

  • 8:45 Hotel Ercilla
  • 8:45 Miguel de Unamuno Student Residence
  • 8:45 Luis Briñas street, at the crossing with Alameda Urquijo, and in front of the Bar La Catedral.

           This last stop is near Termibus-Bilbao Central Bus Station, and near the Hotel Hesperia Zubialde and Hotel Abba Parque.

            External link to Google Maps for the location of this bus stop

  • 8:45 Hotel Barceló Nervión

           This last stop is also near the Hotel Abando and Hotel Husa Jardines de Albia.

  • 8:45 Hotel Hesperia Bilbao
  • 8:50 Hotel Conde Duque

Regular bus service

You can also use the regular bus service between Bilbao centre and the Leioa campus, running all day through. There are two main routes, which can be identified by the number displayed on the screen at the front of the bus:

  • 2318 - This leaves from Pérez Galdos street, outside Termibus-Bilbao Central Bus Station,near the crossing with Gurtubay street. This bus goes directly to the Leioa Campus. It takes around 15 minutes to reach there, and runs from 9:00 to 18:00 every half an hour.

           External link to Google Maps for the 2318 bus stop near Termibus

  • 2314 - This is most convenient for people staying at the Miguel de Unamuno Student Residence. It stops right in front of the residence, and takes around 20 minutes to get to the Leioa Campus. It runs every half an hour from 7:30 to 18:30; these are approximate passing times, and we recommend to be at the stop some time in advance.


There is a stop called 'Leioa' in the Metro Bilbao system, but it is situated 3 km away from the Leioa Campus. We do not recommend it to get to the campus.

From the Faculty of Science and Technology to Bilbao centre

Conference buses. Monday, June 30-Tuesday, July 1

Buses will leave at 18:45 from the bus stops in front of the faculty, heading for the departure points in Bilbao in the morning service. Please, pay attention to get on the bus with your right destination. There will an extra bus both days at 19:45.

Conference buses. Wednesday, July 2-Thursday, July 3

Buses will leave for Bilbao at 18:15, and there will be an extra bus on Wednesday at 19:15.

Conference buses. Friday, July 4

All buses will leave for the Bizkaia Aretoa Auditorium at 14:45, after lunch.

Regular bus service

These buses also leave from the stops in front of the Faculty of Science and Technology. There are two main routes:

  • 2318 - This goes directly to Termibus-Bilbao Central Bus Station. It takes around 15 minutes, and runs from 10:00 to 21:00 every half an hour.
  • 2314 - This is most convenient for people staying at the Miguel de Unamuno Student Residence, since it has a stop right in front of it. It takes around 20 minutes, and runs from 9:30 to 20:30 every half an hour.

From the conference dinner to hotels/student residence

After the dinner there will be a bus service from Hotel Ercilla to the Unamuno Residence and to the Barceló Nervión, Conde Duque, and Hesperia Bilbao hotels. All other recommended hotels are within walking distance of Hotel Ercilla. Notice that Bilbao is a very safe city both by day and by night.

From the Faculty of Science and Technology to Bilbao Airport

There is no regular bus service connecting the Leioa Campus and Bilbao Airport, and there is no permanent taxi stop inside the campus. If you want a taxi from the faculty to the airport, you can call the following company:

Radio Taxi Leioa - +34 94 491 53 53

From Bilbao centre to Bilbao airport

Of course, you can ask for a taxi at your hotel, but take into account that you can easily get to the airport by public transport, as indicated below.

Regular bus service

Buses run from 5:20 to 22:00 every 20 minutes (:20/:40/:00). They are identified with the number 3247 on the front screen, and leave from inside Termibus-Bilbao Central Bus Station. They have three more stops in Bilbao centre: Gran Vía, 79; Moyua Plaza, 3; Alameda Recalde, 11.