C-Glass _Drawing_2021.Luzern

Glass Drawing 2021.Luzern


Installation in the Faculty of Engineering Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • Title: Glass Drawing 2021.Luzern
  • Art and Project: Juan Carlos Olabe y Xabier Basogain - JC&X
  • Collaborators: Ruper Delgado, Zuriñe Gómez de Balugera, Montse López de Arkaute, Iñaki Ochoa de Eribe and Jose Miguel Gil-Garcí
  • Technique: Translucent vinyl on glass
  • Size: 240 cm x 210 cm
  • Date: September 2021
  • Place: 2nd floor, north side access window

Glass Drawing 2021.Luzern is a stained glass window in which we experiment with three artistic paradigms. The first offers the viewer a new visual experience in which colors of great saturation and purity of color are perceived that do not normally exist in nature and in everyday life. In the same way that a diamond is a rare mineral because it contains a carbon structure with almost no impurity, this stained glass window offers a visual experience created by a set of photons, all of them of the same color (of the same energy). Achieving this color purity requires two tasks. The first is to eliminate all the impurities created by the reflection of light from the sources attached to the stained glass. The second is the generation of color through a light source that passes through the stained glass in a non-linear way.

The second artistic paradigm is the appreciation of a work of art at two levels, the local and the global. When we read a poem our attention is on the feelings it conveys but we rarely appreciate the geometric beauty of the letters. Calligraphy is a local appreciation of this letter structure. In this stained glass window at a local, or micro level, there are experiences of color contrasts and primitive geometric shapes (triangles, rhombuses, hexagons, cubes ...). At a global or macro level, there are experiences of structures (columns, ceilings, benches, floors, pergolas, entrance, exit, tunnels, empty spaces, ...) and the chromatic and geometric relationship between them. Color patterns are seen that identify the different structural elements of the work. In the macro view, the viewer unifies sets of triangles in an automatic and inevitable way. These experiences are of a completely different nature from local primitive experiences.

The third paradigm experiments with the differential and integral essence of the world. In the process of discretization, a structure such as a pergola is decomposed into triangular primitive elements. In the integration process a discrete set of primitive elements combine to form a superior structure. This artistic experience conveys to the viewer a fundamental idea that they will never forget: everything is a set of parts, and a set of parts make up a whole.

Make of installation Glass Drawing 2021.Luzern

F-Glass _Drawing_2021.Luzern

Glass Drawing 2021.Luzern


Graphic design of Glass Drawing 2021.Luzern
  • Colors: 6
  • Geometries: triangles, hexagons, prisms, ...

Series 2021.Luzern

Icon of Glass Drawing 2021.Luzern

​​​​The artistic work 2021.Monaco presents a series in different formats (flags, cups, posters, folders).


Participation / Collaboration: if you want to collaborate in this initiative (in the EIVG or in any other UPV / EHU center, or in an external center) send an email to xabier.basogain@ehu.eus