Research Master in Cognitive Science and Humanities: Language, Communication and Organization

(With access to Doctorate)


Admission in the Master requires a Bachelor degree in any field of the human and social sciences or in any other field connected to Cognitive Science and Humanities. Admissions are decided by the Academic Committee of the Master.
Pre-registration is open. The following documents will be required to do the pre-registration, please send them to the address below.
  • Pre-registration form (rtf)
  • Photocopy of I.D. or passport
  • Photocopy of the degree
  • Personal academic certificate, including all marks and exams for each course
  • If you are not a native speaker, please certify, if possible, your knowledge of English
  • Works, papers or publications authored by the student
  • Other merits
Students with a non-homologated foreign degree should add:
  • Validated photocopy of the degree and the academic certificate translated into Spanish or Basque
  • Personal academic record (50%)
  • Post-Graduate and/or professional experience on the areas relevant to the Master (20%)
  • Knowledge of English (20%)
  • Knowledge of other languages (5%)
  • Other merits (5%)
Send everything preferably by email to or by post to:
Leyre Rodriguez
Masterren Idazkaritza/Secretaría de Masteres
Gipuzkoako Campuseko Pabilioiak
Manuel de Lardizabal  pasealekua 2
20018 Donostia--San Sebastian
Please send also an e-mail message letting know your pre-registration to:
Registration fees for 2014-2015 have been: 1.538,4€ (25,64€ per ECTS). Add 27,34€ (administrative inscription tax) plus 6,19€ (Student ID card) plus 1,12€ (medical insurance for less than 28 years old). Conditions for exemption can be consulted (in Spanish or Basque) here. The payment can be done in one purchase in September or in two purchases (September and December).
For more information contact:
Tel. +34 943 017451
The University of the Basque Country has an orientation service for visiting students. There, the student will be informed about accommodation, visa issues, insurance, etc. The service is offered in English. Contact details:
Telephone: +34 943015192
Address: Edificio Ignacio Mª Barriola, entreplanta. Plaza Elhuyar 1. Donostia
For info about grants (in Spanish or Basque)click here