Research Master in Cognitive Science and Humanities: Language, Communication and Organization

(With access to Doctorate)

Program 2015-2017

The Master is structured in 90 ECTS (60 theoretical and practical and 30 for the Master Thesis). Lectures are likely to be in the evenings. Students will be expected to course 60 ECTS on the first year and 30 ECTS on the second year (MA Thesis). Students entering with a degree of 180 ECTS will be able to obtain the extra 30 ECTS needed through complementary theoretical and practical ECTS. All the subjects offered in the Master can also be coursed independently by students within the ERASMUS program. Notice that the 60 ECTS of the courses can be divided into two academic years.

1st year: 60 ects (30 ects MAND. and 30 ects OPT.)

Mandatory Subjects



  1. Research methodology: Skills, tools, and techniques (3 ects)
    • A.Ulazia, M. Vázquez
  2. Philosophy and foundations of symbolic systems (3 ects)
    • E. Ezenarro
  3. Topics in philosophy of language (6 ects)
    • E. Corazza, D. Pérez
  4. Theoretical and practical rationality: From beliefs to actions through intentions and decisions (4 ects)
    • L. A. Pérez Miranda


  1. Philosophy of psychology in the frame of the philosophy of human and social sciences (4 ects)
    • J. Ezquerro 
  2. Knowledge, action, and communication: From philosophy to cognitive science (6 ects)
    • J. Dokic, M. Ponte, J. Ezquerro
  3. Pragmatics (4 ects)
    • J. Garmendia, L. Zubeldia



Optional Subjects


  1. Proseminar on contemporary philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, and philosophy of cognitive science:  Philosophy of Action (3 ects)
    • J. Ezquerro, L. A. Pérez
  2. Proseminar on discourse and communication studies (6 ects)
    • J. Garmendia, L. Zubeldia


  1. Classical and contemporary rhetoric (3 ects)
    • J. Aguirre
  2. Foundations of social psychology (3 ects)
    • L. Gil de Montes, J. Valencia
  3.  History of philosophy and language theory (3 ects)
    • J.Lavilla, J.M. Larrazabal


  1.  Ethics in discourse (3 ects)
    • M. Liz
  2. Non-classical logics (4 ects)
    • J.M. Larrazabal, M. Vázquez
  3. Language and art (3 ects)
    • K. Korta
  4. Issues in social epistemology and sociology of knowledge (4 ects)
    • M. Garmendia, L. A. Pérez Miranda


2nd year: Master Thesis (30 ects)