Research Master in Cognitive Science and Humanities: Language, Communication and Organization

(With access to Doctorate)

Why Donostia-San Sebastián?

  • The Institute is unique in the Basque Country and Spain as an interdisciplinary research centre in the studies of Cognitive Sciences and Humanities. Tuition and supervision are offered by top researchers from the Institute, and from other Universities as well.
  • Masters students play a full role in the research life of the Institute. They are members of the Institute seminars and research groups, and have access to other courses, departments, and seminars in the University.
  • The Institute is hospitable and supportive. International students are offered a wide range of social and study-relative activities. Small-scale classes and a very positive atmosphere enhance contacts between staff members and students.
  • The Basque and Spanish governments offer several possibilities for financing students. More information here.
  • The Institute will provide help searching for accommodation in student halls or in apartments in town.
  • In September 2011 the Institute has been relocated in a new building at the University main Campus.  The city of Donostia-San Sebastian is no doubt the most popular university city in the Basque Country for foreign students.