Official Master's degrees - Fees


The public enrolment fees for the 2023-2024 academic year were set by the Basque Government's Resolution of 13 June 2023 (in Spanish).

To calculate the cost of your Master's programme, multiply the number of credits in which you are enrolled by the price per credit. Students are also required to pay a first-time enrolment fee, Fixed enrolment costs, including basic accident insurance and a Student Insurance fee (for students under the age of 28).

You can pay these fees in full when you confirm your enrolment or in instalments, the first of which is due upon enrolment confirmation, the second one during the first two weeks of October and the last one during the first two weeks of December.

  • Price per credit. Prices vary depending on whether this is the first time you are enrolling in the subject or were enrolled previously.
  • First-time enrolment fee: 27,96 € (This is a one-time fee charged the first time you enrol in a given Master's programme).
  • Fixed enrolment costs, including basic accident insurance:  30,68 €
  • Student Insurance fee: 1,12 €

Additional fees

  • Personal academic transcript: 27,96 €
  • Transferring academic records: 27,96 €
  • Degree certificate: 190,17 €

Exemptions and reductions