Autumn and Spring Spanish Courses

General information: Dates, hours, levels and programs

Dates of the course:

  • Autumn course: From the 9th September to the 18th December 2019 > Closed
  • Spring course: From the 27th January to the 13th May 2020 > Closed


Mondays and Wednesdays from 13:30 to 15:30 hours. 4 hours per week. Total tuition hours: 60.

Available levels: 

Beginners, intermediate and advanced. A level test will determine the course students should follow.

Courses´ syllabus: 

Students will get their level´s specific program in the beginning of each course.

Admission dates and registration procedure

Admission in the course: 

The level tests will be held in class time during the first three weeks of the course in the rooms specified below. The last level test will be carried out in the following days

  • Autumn course: 25th September > Admission closed
  • Spring course: 12th February > Admission closed

Students willing to join the beginners level won´t have to take any test but enter in class in the same dates and schedule specified before.

Registration procedure: 

Please check the link for information regarding the documents that should be submitted according to each student´s status in the UPV/EHU (exchange programme students, other International students, visiting researchers or teaching staff).

Students participating in these courses should provide the documents required for registration before the following dates:

  • Autumn course: 4th October > Registration closed
  • Spring course: 21st February > Registration closed
In order to be admitted in the courses or receive the corresponding credits for them, students must fulfill the following two requirements:
- Submit the required registration documents on time.
- Take the level test or join the beginners level in the dates and schedule stated to do so.

Spring Spanish course venues (2nd semester)

Aulario Las Nieves

Campus of Alava (Vitoria-Gasteiz)

School of Engineering

Campus of Bizkaia (Bilbao)

Rooms available for students attending courses in Bilbao city.

  • School of Engineering
    Location of the School

    Rooms: Edificio I - P0A8A, P2G4A
                  Edificio II-i - P3I2A, P6I9A

Faculty of Education

Campus of Bizkaia (Leioa)

Rooms available for students attending courses in the Campus of Leioa.

  • Faculty of Education. Barrio Sarriena, s/n (Leioa)
    Location of the building
    Rooms: 0S03G / 0S04G and 0S06G (ground floor). 

Carlos Santamaria centre and Elbira Zipitria Centre

Campus of Gipuzkoa (Donostia-San Sebastián)