2020 Polymer Processing Papers

  1. I. DEBBAH, R. KRACHE, N. ARANBURU, A. ETXEBERRAIA, E. PEREZ, R. BENAVENTE. "Influence of ABS type and compatibilizer on the thermal and mechanical properties of PC/ABS blends". INTERNATIONAL POLYMER PROCESSING, 35, 83-94 (2020).
  2. I. ARANDIA, L. MEABE, N. ARANBURU, H. SARDON, D. MECERREYES, A. MÜLLER. "Influence of chemical structures on isodimorphic behavior of three different copolycarbonate random copolymer series". MACROMOLECULES, 53, 669-681  (2020).
  3. M. V. CANDAL, I. CALAFEL, N. ARANBURU, M. FERNANDEZ, G. GERRICA-ECHEVARRIA, A. SANTAMARIA, A. MÜLLER. "Thermo-rheological effects on successful 3D printing of biodegradable polyesters". ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, 36, 101408 (2020).
  4. I. RAZQUIN, A. IREGUI, L. ORDUNA, L. MARTIN, A. GONZALEZ, L. IRUSTA. "Reprogrammable Permanent Shape Memory Materials Based on Reversibly Crosslinked Epoxy/PCL Blends". MOLECULES, 25, 1568 (2020).