Who can participate?

• POLYMAT affiliated PhD students.
• PhD Students that have been awarded in previous editions are not entitled to participate.
• Deadline for submission of works: January 31, 2020.
• Please send the document in Word or pdf addressed to:

Information to be submitted

Please do use the Word template that must include:
• Maximum to 2 Photographs detailing the type of image  (SEM, TEM or others) and the scale, as well as a detail description of the sample preparation.
• Project Thesis summary (200 words max.).
• Title and description of the photograph in the context of the PhD/Project and detailed description of the preparation of the sample for obtaining the picture.
• PhD Supervisor (s)
• Printed copy of the document.

Evaluation criteria

  • Relationship between the project/thesis and description of the picture and detailed procedure for preparation of the sample (25%)
  • Esthetics of the picture (25%)
  • Quality of the picture (25%)
  • Difficulty in obtaining the photograph (25%)

The first two criteria will be evaluated by the board of POLYMAT institute and third and fourth will be evaluated by Dr. Dolores Martin and Dr. Ana Martinez from the AFM and TEM SGIker units of the University.


•  Registration, round trip and accommodation for an international conference selected in agreement with your supervisor up to 1,500€.

2019 Photography contest winner

Description: AFM phase image of a double crystalline PE494.9-b-PEO515.2 diblock copolymer. The long edge on lamellae in the center of the image correspond to the polyethylene block crystals. To the top and the bottom of the image, flat on lamellae can be observed, which can correspond to both PE and PEO block crystals. The thin vertical short lamellae on the middle of the image (looking like fish bones) are most probably poly(ethylene oxide) lamellae. Author: Ms. Eider Matxinandiarena

2018 Photography contest winner

2018 Awarded picture: "Centipede" by Mr. Jesus Alvaro Iregui. Description: AFM phase image of an electrospun PCL-DGEBA nanofiber. Due to the spinning process, it is observed a high degree of crystalline orientation

4th Scientific Photography Award

Awarded picture: AFM phase image of the top surface of a dried film of latex with particles polymerized in presence of cellulose nanocrystals. Elodie Limousin

3rd Scientific Photography Award

"The eyes": Double crystalline nascent spherulite. AFM micrographs of a PEO-b-PCL diblock copolymer taken at a room temperature by Ms. Jordana Palacios.

1st Scientific Photography Award

Awarded Picture:
Awarded Picture: "SEM micrograph of a dispersion of fluorinated polymer particles" by Ms. Ana Belén López

First Edition Photographs presented Pdf version