Who can participate?

• POLYMAT affiliated PhD students.
• Ph D Students that have been awarded in previous editions are not entitled to participate.
• Deadline for submission of works: January 31, 2018.
• Please send the document in Word or pdf addressed to:

Information to be submitted

Please do use the Word template that must include:
• Maximum to 2 Photographs detailing the type of image  (SEM, TEM or others) and the scale, as well as a detail description of the sample preparation.
• Project Thesis summary (200 words max.).
• Title and description of the photograph in the context of the PhD/Project and detailed description of the preparation of the sample for obtaining the picture.
• Ph D Supervisor (s)
• Printed copy of the document.

Evaluation criteria

• Relationship between the project/thesis and description of the picture and preparation of the sample to obtain it 25%
• Quality of the picture 25%
• Difficulty in obtaining the picture 25%
• Esthetics of the picture 25%


•  Registration, round trip and accommodation for an international conference selected in agreement with your supervisor up to 1,500 €.

4th Scientific Photography Award

Awarded picture: AFM phase image of the top surface of a dried film of latex with particles polymerized in presence of cellulose nanocrystals. Elodie Limousin

3rd Scientific Photography Award

"The eyes": Double crystalline nascent spherulite. AFM micrographs of a PEO-b-PCL diblock copolymer taken at a room temperature by Ms. Jordana Palacios.

1st Scientific Photography Award

Awarded Picture:
Awarded Picture: "SEM micrograph of a dispersion of fluorinated polymer particles" by Ms. Ana Belén López

First Edition Photographs presented Pdf version