Polymat Institute

POLYMAT is a research institute that provides support to industries by means of an interdisciplinary research program. Technical expertise, continuous research and well-equipped labs make POLYMAT the ideal partner.


Despite the pandemic, the GEP-SLAP 2020-21 Congress will go ahead adapted to COVID19 measures! It will be carried out in a simultaneous double format: PRESENTIAL and VIA STREAMING. The attendance / participation of 300-350 attendees is expected (50% in person and 50% via streaming). In participation via streaming, preference will be given to participants with mobility difficulties (from Latin America and other latitudes).

In addition, the deadline for submitting abstracts and registration is extended to January 15 and February 28 respectively.

We encourage everyone to participate in the congress and to contribute to the success of it. The Organizing Committee

2018 POLYMAT Day, Donostia-San Sebastián
Joxe Mari Korta Center
Joxe Mari Korta Center