Ciencia de polímeros

Polymer science group



We are primarily focused on the study of polymer-solvent, polymer-polymer and polymer/inorganic particles hybrid systems. This includes  thermodynamic magnitudes and phase equilibria of these systems as well as the sorption and diffusion behavior of small penetrants (gases and vapours) through polymer films. The experimental and theoretical results of the Group's activities will be of interest to practicing engineers involved with the design, control and operation of numerous polymer processes, including polymerization reactors, polymer devolatilization, the production of films, coatings, paints, membranes, foams, etc. In recent years, we have emerging interests in the domain of polymer/ionic liquids mixtures

Because of our instrumental facilities and our previous research, we can offer our expertise in different domains of polymer characterization. We have a large experience in analysis and identification of all kind of polymers, copolymers, additives, multilayer films, thermal characterization, molecular weight distributions, etc.

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