Composition analysis

Technique/Measurement Analysis mode Sample
FTIR Transmission Thermoplastics, fillers, plasticizers, pyrolisis products of rubbers, nonpolymeric solids and liquids
Reflection (ATR) Thermosets, coatings
Microspectroscopy FTIR Transmission Multilayer films
Specular reflection and ATR Small samples, contaminants, fibres
NMR (General Service) 300 , 400 and 500 Hz equipment; H, C and P nucleous Liquid, solid and melt state analyisis
TGA-FTIR Transmission Polymers
GC Detector FID Quantification of: Paint solvents, furfuryl alcohol in Phenolic Resins, etc.
Polymer Analysis Separation of different components (polymer, filler, plasticizer) Thermoplastics
Determination of filler content Thermosets

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