Physico-chemical characterization

Physico-checimal characterization

Technique/Measurement Analysis mode Sample
Cahn balance Sorption measurements (Gases, vapours): 1 atm. Liquid, solid (powder,thin film, pellet)
IGA Sorption measurements (Gases, vapours): High Pressures Liquid, solid (powder,thin film, pellet)
Permeability analysis  O2 measurement (s/n ASTM 1434), any other gases and vapours thin films
Film thickness measurements Duo check gauge Films
Refractive index measurements Abbe Refractometer Solid, liquids and solutions
Densitometry Picnometry, Density Column Liquids, solutions and solids
Karl Fisher (H2O content) Titration solids and liquids
Accelerated wheathering test Solarbox test solids