Polymer science group's publications

  1. J.L. EGUIBURU, M.J. FERNANDEZ-BERRIDI and J. SAN ROMAN. "Ring-opening polymerization of L-Lactide iniciated by oxyethylmethacrylate-aluminum trialkoxides: 2. End group exchange" .POLYMER  41, 6439-6445 (2000). 

  2. L. IRUSTA and M.J. FERNANDEZ-BERRIDI. "Aromatic poly(ester-urethanes): efffect of the polyol molecular weight on the photochemical behaviour". POLYMER 41, 3297 (2000). 

  3. A. SANTAMARIA, J.J. PE√ĎA, R. HERNANDEZ and L. IRUSTA. "The effect of a miscible and an immiscible polymeric modifier on the mechanical and rheological properties of PVC". EUROPEAN POLYMAR JOURNAL 36, 1011-1025 (2000) .

  4. L.IRUSTA, J.J. IRUIN, M.J. FERNANDEZ-BERRIDI, M. SOBKOWIAK, P. C. PAINTER and M.M. COLEMAN. "Infrared spectroscopic studies of the self-association of urethanes". VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY 23, 187-197 (2000).

  5. A. MARTINEZ DE ILARDUYA, J.J. IRUIN and M.J. FERNANDEZ-BERRIDI. "Microstructure of Copolymers obtained from Chemical Modification of Phenoxy Resin by 13C NMR". POLYMER INTERNATIONAL 49, 801-805 (2000).

  6. A. ETXEBERRIA, C. ETXABARREN and J.J. IRUIN. "Comparison between static (sorption) and dynamic (IGC) methods in the determination of interaction parameters in polymer/polymer blends". MACROMOLECULES 33, 9115-9121 (2000).

  7. Y. HU, H.R. MOTZER, A.M. ETXEBERRIA, M.J. FERNANDEZ-BERRIDI, J.J. IRUIN, P. C. PAINTER and M.M. COLEMAN. "Concerning the self-association of N-vinyl pyrrolidone and its effect on the determination of equilibrium constants and the thermodynamics of mixing". MACROMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 201, 705-714 (2000).

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