Polymer science group's publications

  1. M.J. FERNANDEZ-BERRIDI, J.J. IRUIN, L. IRUSTA, J. M. MERCERO and J.M. UGALDE. "Hydrogen-bonding interactions between Formic Acid and Pyridine". JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 106, 4187-4191 (2002).

  2. A. ZARRAGA, L. IRUSTA, M.E. MUÑOZ, J.J. PEÑA and A. SANTAMARIA. "The role of dechlorinated PVC as compabiliser for PVC/polyethylene blends". POLYMER BULLETIN 48, 283-290 (2002).

  3. C. ETXABARREN,  M. IRIARTE,  C. URIARTE, A. ETXEBERRIAand J.J. IRUIN. "Polymer-solvent interaction parameters in polymer solutions at high polymer concentrations". JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A 969, 245-254 (2002).

  4. A. GONZALEZ, M. IRIARTE, P.J. IRIONDO and J.J. IRUIN. "Miscibility and carbon dioxide transport properties of blends of bacterial poly (3-hydroxy butyrate) with a poly (vinylidene chloride-co-acrylonitrile) copolymer". POLYMER 43, 6205-6211 (2002).

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