Polymer science group's publications

  1. I. URDAMPILLETA, A. GONZALEZ, J.C. DE LA CAL, J.J. IRUIN and J.M. ASUA. "Morphology of hiPP particles". MACROMOLECULES 38, 2795-2801 (2005).

  2. A. GONZÁLEZ, L. IRUSTA, M.J. FERNÁNDEZ-BERRIDI, M. IRIARTE and J.J. IRUIN. "Application of pyrolisis / gas chromatography / Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy and TGA in the study of thermal degradation of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)". POLYMER DEGRADATION AND STABILITY 87, 347-354 (2005).

  3. C. MARIETA, E. SCHULZ, L. IRUSTA N. GABILONDO, A. TERCJAK, I.MONDRAGÓN. "Evaluation of fiber surface treatment and toughening of thermoset matrix on the interfacial behaviour of carbon fiber-reinforced cyanate matrix composites". COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 65,  2189-2197 (2005).

  4. L. IRUSTA, J.J. IRUIN, G. MENDIKUTE and M.J. FERNANDEZ-BERRIDI. "Infrared spectroscopy studies of the self-association of aromatic urethanes". VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY 39, 144-150 (2005).

  5. J.A. BLÁZQUEZ, J.J. IRUIN, S. ECEOLAZA, C. MARESTIN, R. MERCIER, D. MECERREYES, O. MIGUEL, A. VELA and R. MARCILLA. "Solvent and acidification method effects in the preformance of new sulfonated coplyimides membranes in PEM-fuel cells". JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES 151, 63-68 (2005).

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