Polymer science group's publications

  1. A. GONZALEZ, S. ECEOLAZA, A. ETXEBERRIA and J.J. IRUIN. "Diffusivity of ethylene and propylene in Atactic and isotactic polypropylene: Morphology effects and free-volume simulations". JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE 104, 3871-3878 (2007).

  2. A. GARCIA, S. ECEOLAZA, M. IRIARTE, C. URIARTE AND A. ETXEBERRIA. "Barrier character improvement of an amorphous polyamide (Trogamid) by the addition of a nanoclay". JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE 301, 190-199 (2007).

  3. A. REKONDO, M.J. FERNANDEZ-BERRIDI and L. IRUSTA. "Photooxidation and stabilization of silanised poly(ether-urethane) hybrid systems". POLYMER DEGRADATION AND STABILITY 92, 2173-2180 (2007).

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