Rheology 2002

Rheology group's publications

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  2. J.M.LAZCANO, J.J.PEÑA, M.E. MUÑOZ and A.SANTAMARÍA. "Rheological Implications of fiber formation and breakup in PP/LCP Blends". JOURNAL OF POLYMER ENGINEERING 22, 95-114 (2002)
  3. I. GONZALEZ, M.E. MUÑOZ, A. SANTAMARÍA, J.A. POMPOSO, H.GRANDE, J. RODRIGUEZ. " Highly conducting polyanyline gels". MACROMOLECULAR RAPID COMMUNICATIONS 23, 659-663 (2002)
  4. J.M.LAZCANO,J,J,PEÑA,M.E.MUÑOZ and A.SANTAMARÍA. "The role of droplet deformation on the transient rheological response of a PP/LCP blend". JOURNAL OF RHEOLOGY 46, 959-976 (2002)
  5. O. GONZALEZ, J.J. PEÑA, M.E.MUÑOZ, A.SANTAMARÍA, A.PEREZ-LEPE, F..MARTINEZ-BOZA, C.GALLEGOS. "Rheological Techniques as a Tool to Analyze Polymer-Bitumen Interactions: Bitumen Modified with Polyethyelene Based Blends". ENERGY AND FUELS 16, 1256-1263 (2002)