Rheology 2003

Rheology group's publications

  1. A.SANTAMARIA, M.FERNANDEZ, E.SANZ, P.LAFUENTE, A. MUÑOZ-ESCALONA. "Postponing sharkskin of metallocene polythylenes at low temperatures: the effect of molecular parameters". POLYMER 44, 2473-2480 (2003).
  2. A.PEREZ-LEPE, F.J.MARTINEZ-BOZA, C.GALLEGOS, O.GONZALEZ, M.E.MUÑOZ, A.SANTAMARIA. "Influence of the processing conditions on the rheological behaviour of polymer-modified bitumen". FUEL 82, 1339-1348 (2003).
  3. M.E. MUÑOZ, A.SANTAMARÍA, J.GUZMÁN, E.RIANDE. "Enhancement of the first normal stress coefficient and dynamic moduli during shear thickening of a polymer solution". JOURNAL OF RHEOLOGY, 47(4), 1041-1050 (2003)
  4. M.VECINO, I.GONZALEZ, M.E. MUÑOZ, A.SANTAMARÍA and J.A. POMPOSO. "Syneresisi and fibrillation of conducting polyaniline gels". POLYMER 44, 5057-5059 (2003).
  5. M.BARRAL, A. SANTAMARÍA, J.J.PEÑA and M.E. MUÑOZ. "Ternary gels of a polymer blend and a recycled oil: Their use as bitumen modifiers". MACROMOLECULAR MATERIALS AND ENGINEERING. 288, 951-956 (2003).
  6. P.A.CALVO, J.A.POMPOSO,P.A.SANTAMARÍ, H.J.GRANDE y F.J.RODRÍGUEZ. "Desarrollo de nuevos termoplásticos conductores de la electricidad basados en Polipirrol". REVISTA DE PLÁSTICOS MODERNOS, 86(565),41-45 (2003).