Rheology 2007

Rheology group's publications

  1. O. GONZÁLEZ, M.E.MUÑOZ, A.SANTAMARIA, M. GARCÍA-MORALES, F.J. NAVARRO, P.PARTAL. New routes for roads: using recycled greenhouse films to modify bitumens. Int. J. Environmental Technology and Management Vol. 7, 218 (2007)
  2. G.GOIKOETXEAUNDIA, O.GONZÁLEZ, M.E.MUÑOZ, J.J.PEÑA, A.SANTAMARIA. "Dynamic viscoelastic characterization of bitumen/polymer roofing membranes". MACROMOLECULAR MATERIALS & ENGINEERING 292, 715-722 (2007)
  3. I.FERNÁNDEZ, A. SANTAMARIA, M.E. MUÑOZ, P.CASTELL. "A rheological analysis of interactions in phenoxy/organoclay nanocomposites". EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL 43 (8); 3171-3176 (2007)
  4. G.GOIKOETXEANDIA, A.MATEOS, O.GONZALEZ, M.E. MUÑOZ, A.SANTAMARIA, I.MARTINEZ. "Novel results and potential applications of bitumen used as an additive for polyethylene". e-POLYMER 129(2007)
  5. E. ROJO, M.E.MUÑOZ, A. MATEOS and A.SANTAMARIA. "Flow instabilities in linear and branched syndiotactic poly(propylenes)". MACROMOLECULAR MATERIALS & ENGINEERING 292, 1210-1217 (2007)