Rheology 2009

Rheology group's publications

  1. A.AREVALILLO, M.E.MUÑOZ,A.SANTAMARIA, L.FRAGA,J.A.BARRIO. "Viscoelastic features of SEBS TPEs: Novel results in solid and molten states". RUBBER WORLD 240,No.2 27-30 (2009)
  2. S.VELASCO, J.AREIZAGA,A.IRASTORZA,M.DUEÑAS,A.SANTAMARIA and.M.E.MUÑOZ. "Chemical and rheological properties of the -glucan produced by Pediococus parvulus 2.6". JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY 57, 1827- 1834 (2009)
  3. M.FERNANDEZ,M.E.MUÑOZ,A.SANTAMARIA,S.SYRJÄLA, J.AHO. "Determining the pressure dependency of the viscosity using PVT data: A practical alternative for thermoplastics". POLYMER TESTING 28, 109-113 (2009)
  4. G.GOIKOETXEAUNDIA, M.FERNANDEZ,M.E.MUÑOZ,A.SANTAMARIA. "Rheology applied to investigate roofing membranes: The case of an ecological alternative". APPLIED RHEOLOGY 19, 62305-62313 (2009)
  5. L.BURUAGA, M.E. MUÑOZ, L.IRUSTA, A.GONZALEZ,J.J.IRUIN. "Role of specific interactions on fiber formation in the electrospinning of Poly(vinyl phenol)/Poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) blend solutions". JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, Vol114, 2922- 2928 (2009)