Rheology 2011

Rheology group's publications


  1. FERNANDEZ, MERCEDES; LANDA, MAITE; MUNOZ, MARIA EUGENIA; SANTAMARIA, ANTON."Electrical conductivity of PUR/MWCNT nanocomposites in the molten state, during crystallization and in the solid state". EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL 47(11),2078-2086, (2011).
  2. H.CHERFA, K.AIT MOKHTAR, N. SAOUDI, M.E.MUÑOZ,A.SANTAMARÍA,"Valorization of metallurgical waste in technical road "case of blast furnace slags". WASTES: SOLUTIONS, TREATMENTS AND OPPORTUNITIES(isbn 978-989-97429-1-8),270-275 (2011).

Book Chapters

  1. J.C. MAJESTÉ, A. SANTAMARIA. "Rheology and Viscoelasticity of Multiphase Polymer Systems: Blends and Coplymers". Cápitulo 8 del Libro HANDBOOK OF MULTIPHASE POLYMER SYSTEMS (Abderraim Boudenne et al. Editors) WILEY ISBN: 978-0-470-71420-1 (2011).