Rheology 2012

Rheology group's publications

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  2. PVT and oscillatory tests to analyze pressure effects on polypropylene/ Rodrun LC3000 blends: Determination of the pressure dependency of the viscosity. M.T. Cidade | M. Fernandéz | S. Filipe | A. Santamaria. POLYMER TESTING 31 (2012) 290-296
  3. M. BARRAL, P.GARMENDIA, M.E. MUÑOZ, Z.PALMILLAS, R. ROMERA, A.SANTAMARIA, S.VILLANUEVA. " New bituminous mastics for pavements with improved fire performance". CONSTRUCTION AND BULIDING MATERIALS 30, 650-656 (2012)
  4. M. CHAPARTEGUI, N. MARKAIDE, S. FLOREZ, C. ELIZETXEA, M. FERNANDEZ ,A. SANTAMARIA. "Curing of epoxy/carbon nanotubes physical networks". Polymer Engineering & Science, (2011), DOI: 10.12012 PUBLICATIONS
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