info_saludo del director

Greetings from the Director

Dear friend,

Requesting admittance to a University College is to voluntarily choose a university style of life instead of other different ones, and it cannot be done without prior, honest reflection.

As you know, the Faculty or School in which you are going to register, or are registered, provides artistic, scientific, humanistic, or technical teachings that will provide you with the skills to exercise your profession as soon as you receive your degree. But the Faculties and Schools are only part of the University. The general educational and training task that is also its responsibility is achieved through specific bodies such as the University Colleges and University Residences.

This has a first important consequence: that the Colleges were not created solely to solve your lodging problems while in Bilbao, but rather to solve a question of university education. This means that, if you do not feel an inescapable imperative to "be a university student", you will not be satisfied with living in a College.

And what is being a university student? The answer is not easy, but I will say that it is something like an insatiable need to learn. Someone said that being a university student is to ask questions and have enough capacity to find the answers. If you are not interested in analysing the cultural and historical world you inhabit in depth, you will never be a university student.

Organization, cleanliness, decorum, respect, tolerance, and politeness are important  to living with your fellow college residents.

The commitment you agree to if admitted is simple, but hard. No one will force you to do anything specific. Instead, you must voluntarily assume the obligations of your university status, taking advantage of the opportunities that this College puts in your reach. You will have opportunities to hone your personality and your skills and to socialize. Therefore, if you are not decided to get the maximum benefit, you will have to consider it legitimate if we do without you (even if there is nothing negative about your behaviour) in order to offer these opportunities to other students who ardently wish to be university students.

Also keep in mind that living with others has its demands. The running of the College has its own standards that, if not fully followed, can make your stay here uncomfortable.

There are many other topics I would like to address with you personally in the future since dialogue is a priority aim of the College.

I have tried to outline the context you will find here. Your reflection is the most important step now. I wish you good choices and good luck.