Molecular Biology of Cancer (MOLBIOL-CANCER)


Department (s)
Genetics, Physical Anthropology and Animal Physiology

Knowledge area

PI: Ana María Zubiaga Elordieta (Full Professor) Co-PI: 


Asier Fullaondo Elordui-Zapaterietxe (Associate Professor), Ainhoa Iglesias Ara (Associate Professor), José Antonio Rodríguez (Associate Professor), Jone Mitxelena Sánchez (Ikerbasque Research Fellow), Jon Vallejo Rodríguez (Postdoctoral Fellow), Noor Mustafa (Postdoctoral Fellow), María Sendino Mouliet (Predoctoral Fellow), Beatriz Peñalver González (Predoctoral Fellow), Endika de la Iglesia Menchaca (Predoctoral Fellow), Mohaddase Hamidi (Predoctoral Fellow), Alejandro García Domingo-Aldama (Predoctoral Fellow), Larraitz Fernández Ares (Laboratory Technician)


Genetic regulation, cell cycle, oncogenesis, E2F, DUB, nucleo-cytoplasmic transport


We are a multidisciplinary team recognized as a "Consolidated Group" by the Department of Education of the Basque Government since 2001. Currently the group is made up of professors, pre and post-doctoral researchers and Ikerbasque researchers.

The group has been working for more than two decades in the area of ​​molecular biology of cancer, financed continuously by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Basque Government. Our experimental designs include a combination of genomic and proteomic approaches, along with classical in vivo and in vitro methods of genetic and biochemical analysis.

We have contributed to the field with relevant publications (Immunity, JCI, NAR, Cancer Discov), in which we have dissected the various mechanisms involved in the activity of oncogenic transcription factors, in ubiquitination and nucleo-cytoplasmic transport, as well as in their contribution to cancer.

Research lines

  1. Genomic networks regulated by transcription factors in tumor development
  2. Oncogenic and oncosuppresive roles of E2F factors
  3. Mechanisms of mitotic regulation
  4. Ubiquitination and nucleo-cytoplasmic transport of proteins in tumor development


Standard equipment of a laboratory of cellular and molecular biology

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Ana Zubiaga     ana.zubiaga@ehu.eus