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Master in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine

Molecular Biomedicine is a large and rapidly expanding area of scientific research and practice, one whose social impact has never been greater. Discoveries are so constant and wide-ranging both in substance and in methods that an undergraduate degree is in many cases no longer sufficient for pursuing a professional career in the field. Our masters program in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine seeks to respond to these circumstances, offering high-quality, interdisciplinary training in a variety of topics of central concern in this arena of scientific endeavor. Graduates of our program will be well prepared to pursue a number different career paths, including further academic research, or a variety of job opportunities in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology or biomedical industries.

Our program consists of several core courses required of all students, a broad selection of elective courses that allows students to focus on aspects of the field of most interest to them and an independent research project. This is a capstone project, representing 50% of the full program, and students carry it out in one of the Masters many laboratories. Our course of studies actively involves most of the scientists who work in molecular biology and biomedicine at the UPV/EHU, the UC and their affiliated research institutes.

This master has a distinct research orientation and is especially appropriate for students interested in pursuing PhD studies in biochemistry, molecular biology and related areas of biomedicine