About the master

Discovery and change are such constants in molecular biology and biomedicine that an undergraduate degree is no longer enough to pursue professional development in these fields.

Our master's program in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine responds to these training needs, being especially indicated for those students who want to do a doctoral thesis.

The Masters actively involves most of the scientists at the UPV/EHU and the UC, and their associated institutes, who are currently doing cutting edge research in molecular biology and on a wide variety of the molecular aspects of biomedicine.

This is a distinctly research-oriented masters.

The degree has been approved and accredited by ANECA and UNIBASQ, respectively, the Spanish and Basque Government agencies responsible for quality assurance in higher education, and it has been successfully offered each year since 2007.

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Places available



Face-to-face degree course


Spanish, English




1 academic year

Approximate fees

2.200 €

National interuniversity

University of the Basque Country: Faculty of Medicine and Nursing

University of the Basque Country: Faculty of Science and Technology

Universidad de Cantabria



Person in charge of the Master :

Secretariat :
Blanca González / ANA RUIZ

94 601 33 90


4 reasons to study this master

  • The large number of electives we offer gives students the advanced training they need to succeed in the fields of molecular biology and biomedicine.
  • The masters capstone project is eminently practical, a masters thesis of 30 ECTS.  The program has agreements with five university departments and 16 research centers and companies where these projects can be carried out.
  • It can be completed entirely in English
  • The Masters offers “mobility” options with the ERASMUS+ program.


Participating universities

Universidad de Cantabria


Career opportunities

The Master in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine provides direct access to the doctoral program in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine offered by the UPV/EHU and UC. The master's degree also fully prepares graduates for work opportunities as researcher in biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical laboratories, biomedical research institutes, and other ventures.


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