Hello Scratch, The Discovery Series

Juan Carlos Olabe, Xabier Basogain and Miguel Ángel Olabe
Hasierako orria - Amaierako orria:
1 - 575

This book has been created for those who would like to explore the world of coding as a world where one can organize ideas, communicate ideas, and create new and complex ideas. Language is the evolutionary cognitive framework that allows mankind to reach the heights of creativity and culture that defines it. This book is a journey of discovery, a journey of finding, gathering and organizing ideas. And it is a journey of exploration, a journey of creating new ideas, complex ideas, beautiful ideas, powerful ideas. Children around the world spend their K-12 years in school getting ready to be contributing members of their societies. However, the educational achievements as measured by international tests such as PISA are not very encouraging. There are approaches to education, originated in the fields of cognitive sciences and computational sciences, that offer the current educational systems an avenue that leads our students to accomplish levels of mastery.

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