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Hand’s on Workshop annoucement: nanoexcite2010

July 27th, 2010

SISSA and CNR-IOM-DEMOCRITOS are organizing a Hand’s on Workshop on
electronic excitations, nanoexcite2010. During the workshop advanced
concepts of Time Dependent Density Functional Theory, GW and
Bethe-Salpeter Equation will be introduced. Short theoretical lectures
will be followed by extensive hands-on classes. Participants will have
the opportunity of testing on realistic systems the theoretical tools
by using several public codes and their respective dedicated tutorials.
The codes that will be used are

* PWscf
* Yambo
* Sax
* Real-Time TDDFT

Participants are expected to have a strong background in Density
Functional Theory and long experience with Quantum ESPRESSO. The
Workshop will be held at SISSA (Trieste, Italy) from October 18th to
22th. For further information and subscription please see


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