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Anejos de Veleia

The collection of appendices to the 'Veleia' journal is divided into two series (Maior y Minor) and into an Acta that publicises research works on antiquities. The work it includes must always be from original research and not have been published before.. (info. +)

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Documentos de Arqueología Medieval

This collection of monographs aims to publish studies, Minutes of meetings, theses or excavation reports in the field of Archeology and Postclassic History according to quality criteria. (+ info)

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Inéditos de Historia

The collection publishes monographs that reveal historical documents of medieval and modern times, previously unpublished, that, in connection with the general historical discourse, represent a novel and relevant contribution to the historiographic debate. (+ info.)

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Textos Clásicos del Pensamiento Político y Social en el País Vasco

The objective of this collection is to recover and make available some of the most significant intellectual works on various political and social issues including: administration, institutions and public powers, constitutionalism and parliamentarianism, ideologies, forms of government, .... (+ info)

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