Doctoral thesis

Valorization of agro-industrial wastes for the production of biodegradable products based on collagen

Doctoral student:
Mireia Andonegi
Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea
Koro de la Caba y Pedro Guerrero
International PhD

Tesis en curso

Investigadores predoctorales

Ainhoa Irastorza "Design, synthesis and validation of bioinks for 3D printing of tympanic membrane substitutes and skeletal muscle regeneration" Basque Government

Teresa Carranza "Natural inks for 3D printing" Basque Government

Luis Henrique Reichembach "Development of biodegradable films for packaging based on pectins from agricultural waste from coffee processing" CAPES

Maialen Uribarrena "Valorization of industrial by-products for their renovation into biobased materials" Basque Government

Maialen Zelaia, Vicomtech