Ideal space for holding small conferences, press conferences or a wide range of workshops.

  • Capacity:

24 people (chairs with tables)

  • Surface area:


  • State-of-the-Art Audiovisual Systems:

Audiovisual system with an 85" screen presiding over the room.

Fausto Fermín de Elhuyar
(Logroño, 1755 - Madrid, 1833)
Juan José de Elhuyar
(Logroño, 1754 - Bogotá, 1796)

Fausto Fermín de Elhuyar, who was a chemist and mining engineer, and his brother, Juan José de Elhuyar, who was also a chemist, were the first to discover wolfram (tungsten) in 1783. Wolfram is the only element which was discovered by a Spaniard.