This is an open-plan area of 110 m², suitable for all types of exhibition. Nevertheless, the potential of a room of this nature, and the fact that it is located next to the Baroja and Arriaga auditoriums, make the LABOA room a perfect spot for putting on activities to complement those staged in these auditoriums, such as:

  • Parallel meetings, with the appropriate furniture
  • Space for cocktail parties or meals
  • Exhibition of posters or placement of stands
  • Distribution of conference materials
  • etc.

Photo gallery

Mikel Laboa Mancisidor
(San Sebastián, 1934 - San Sebastián, 2008)

He was not only a pediatrician but also one of the most important singers and composers in the Basque language of the twentieth century. He is considered one of the patriarchs of Basque music, and his music has had a great influence on the new generations.