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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply more than once for the ADAGIO programme call?

No. You can only submit one application for each call. However, a candidate that is rejected in CALL 1 is welcome to submit a proposal in CALL 2.

Do I need to use the template for the CV and Project Proposal provided on the website?

Yes, you MUST use this template or your application will not be eligible. The template is available here: 

Your CV must not go beyond 4 pages, and the project proposal should not extend more than 5 pages. The Gantt chart does not count towards the page limits and should be included at the end of the proposal.

Can I apply for more than one research line of the ADAGIO programme?

Yes, you can select a maximum of 3 research lines, depending on the mobility rule requirements. You must submit only one application with all the general information required.

What is the duration of the fellowship?

The duration of the fellowship is 36 months.

What is the mobility rule requirement?

To be eligible to apply for an ADAGIO fellowship, candidates must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of their chosen research group (Spain or France) for more than twelve months in the three years immediately preceding the deadline of the call. Short stays, such as holidays, will not be taken into account when calculating the mobility requirement.

You must be clear in which country your chosen research group is based. Even though you may not be eligible for a research group in Spain, you may be eligible for one of the groups listed in France.

Compliance with this mobility requirement will be verified automatically by the submission system, and revised during the eligibility check.

Can I send all or part of the documentation by normal mail?

No. Documentation can only be attached to the application from the electronic application available on the ADAGIO website. All the documents must be included as pdf files.

May I contact the Principle Investigators of the groups that I choose?

Yes, in fact we recommend that you do so, in order to maximize the value of your project, and your possibility of being selected as a candidate.

Should I include 3 research groups in my application?

You are only obliged to include 1 research group, but in order to maximize your chances of being selected, we strongly recommend that you also include at least 1 alternative group, and 2 if possible (up to a total of 3). It is important to make sure that your research proposal is relevant to the research lines of all the research groups that you choose.

If I choose 3 alternative groups, should my proposal be relevant to all three groups?

The answer is yes; your proposal must be relevant to at least one research line of each of the groups that you choose. The research lines of each group are detailed in the ADAGIO website, in the section “Host Groups”.

Will my application be eligible if I choose only 1 group?

Yes, of course. The choice of group is not an eligibility criteria. That is to say, an applicant’s proposal is not evaluated based on the research group that is chosen. We recommend that you choose more than 1 group as only 2 fellows can be assigned to the same group. Choosing alternative groups will help increase your chances of receiving a placement in case your first choice is unavailable.

How will candidates be finally assigned to research groups?

For the allocation of the fellowship positions, the order of priority of candidates established in the final scoring list from the independent evaluators will be respected. The assignment of the candidates will be limited if possible to no more than two candidates per hosting group, respecting as far as possible the original group choices of the candidates.