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Título - Ingeniería Control, Automatización y Robótica

Doctoral Programme in Control Engineering, Automation and Robotics

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Presentación - Ingeniería Control, Automatización y Robótica

The aim of this doctoral programme is to provide advanced training to future researchers in the area of Control Engineering, Automation and Robotics. More specifically, the lines of research focus on a variety of subjects, such as renewable energies, Industry 4.0 or factory of the future, and Smart Control to cover a wide range of needs. This discipline is transversal, and so it can be applied in many different fields. Control systems are embedded in all types of devices, from the cruise control system on aircraft, to manufacturing, assembly and production line systems, biomedical systems, renewable energy production systems or robotic systems, to name but a few. The aim is to provide, in a transparent way, stable, accurate and safe functioning in real time, offering high-performance services and, in short, benefits from different perspectives: energy saving, sustainable development, reduced pollution, and robustness.

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Ficha de Grado

Part-time studies

Duration: 5 - 8 cursos

Places available: 6

Approximate fees: 219 €/academic year

Ficha de Grado

Full-time studies

Duration: 3 - 5 cursos

Places available: 8

Approximate fees: 301 €/academic year


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Research teams and research topics

Research teams and research topics
Research teamsResearch topics
Automatic and Advanced Control Group
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Control of Induction Machines
  • Control of Undimotriz Generation Marine Energy Plants
  • Plasma Control in Nuclear Fusion Tokamak Reactors
  • Robust Control of Aerogenerators
Control and Integration of Systems
  • Application of Intelligent Techniques in the Manufacturing Process
  • Applications of Computational Intelligence
  • Control Systems for Parallel Robots
  • Control of Welding Processes With Electrical Arch and Plasma
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Intelligent Networks and Renewable Energy
  • Processing of Images and Signals