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SECRETARY OPEN from 8:30H to 14:00H and 15:30H to 16:30H, except Friday, only in the morning.
Under excepcional circunstances, please contact:

Each PhD web page will contain the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to which questions relating to academic matters, as well as pre-enrolment and admission procedures, should be addressed.

Contacto Programas de Doctorado


Doctorate query type Description Contact
Administrative query regarding doctorate
  • Access, pre-registration and registration
  • Administrative procedure and queries regarding tutor and supervisor assignation
  • Administrative procedure for carrying out the doctorate and commitment and evaluation documents
  • Administrative procedure and queries regarding tutor, supervisor and Academic Commission evaluations
  • Administrative procedure for miscellaneous procedures (extensions, cancellations, co-supervision, etc.)
  • Information on International thesis
Secretariats: contact

Login and passwords for GAUR application

Secretariats: contact


Doctoral theses under cotutelle

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Doctorate internship agreements

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Doctoral Thesis

  • Thesis submission and defence
  • Procedure for appointing thesis juries
  • Procedure for doctoral thesis scoring
  • Procedure to apply for International Theses and Theses exempt from C2 Basque degree
  • Application for doctorate degrees
  • Extraordinary doctorate awards


Postgraduate Studies

Registration fees Complaints and returns on registration fees: doctorate registration fees and registration fees for defence of doctoral thesis


Postgraduate Studies


Doctoral thesis copyright:

Publication of Doctoral Thesis - Guidelines to select Copyright defence modality (Form 26)

ADDI (Teaching and Research Digital Archive)
Pre-doc and post-doc grants Scholarships and aids for Doctorate. Pre-doctoral and post-doctoral grants.


Doctorate scholarships and grants

Vice-rectorate for research
Standards and quality Doctorate standards and procedures. Doctorate Programme accreditations.

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