ENLIGHT ONLINE WORKSHOP. “Responsible assessment of research and researchers. Changing evaluation culture in academia”

First publication date: 22/03/2024

The ENLIGHT-RISE Research Assessment Working Group cordially invites you to join its third and final online workshop on reforming research(er) assessment. Mark your calendar for 21 May 2024 from 10:00 to 13:00 CEST to engage in our enlightening discussions.

This workshop holds significant relevance for all members of the research community, including researchers, academics, institutional leaders, policy makers, and research and HR managers alike. Together, we shall explore the evolving landscape of research and researcher evaluation, critically examining current practices and envisioning transformative reforms.

Presentations will include the perspectives of early career researchers in the debate about research(er) assessment; an exploration of the debate through the lens of gender and open science; a presentation of the Barcelona Declaration on Open Research Information.

More information and a link to register are available on (deadline for registration: 14 May 2024). Programme updates will also be announced on


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International R&D Office UPV/EHU