History of Mathematics in Italy and Spain: State of the Art and Future Developments

Scope of the special session

The goal of this special session on the history of mathematics is to gather together scholars based in Italy and Spain, currently working on the subject with different working approaches and covering a quite wide chronological period. We would like to present current work in an explanatory manner for the general public of mathematicians and people working in different areas of the history of mathematics, and to address key problems of the discipline and explore and foster possible future collaborations.


  • Paolo Freguglia (University of L'Aquila, Italy)
  • Emma Sallent Del Colombo (University of Barcelona, Spain) - emma.sallent@ub.edu

Abstracts and schedule

Below you can download the schedule and the abstracts of all talks of this special session.


  • Maria Teresa Borgato (University of Ferrara, Italy)

           Arriaga, Riccioli and the debate on the laws of motion

  • Aldo Brigaglia (University of Palermo, Italy)

           Fano, Enriques e i fondamenti della Geometria Proiettiva in Italia

  • Sandro Caparrini (University of Turin, Italy)

           Surprises in Italian mathematics (1800-1840)

  • Cinzia Cerroni (Università di Palermo, Italy)

           Veronese e i fondamenti della Geometria in Italia

  • Giuseppe Canepa, Giuseppina Fenaroli, Ivana Gambaro (University of Genova, Italy)

            La matematica applicata nei lavori di Galileo Ferraris con particolare riguardo al calcolo vettoriale

  • Paolo Freguglia (University of L'Aquila, Italy)

           The isoperimetric problem in Bernoulli brothers and in Euler

  • Veronica Gavagna (University of Salerno, Italy)

           Niccolò Tartaglia restorer of Archimedes' work

  • Maria Rosa Massa Esteve (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain)

           Logaritmos, máximo y figuras geométricas en la Geometriae Speciosae Elementa (1659) de Mengoli

  • Enric Pérez Canals (University of Barcelona, Spain)

           Aristotle's physics and mathematical physics: A discussion on incommensurability and continuity

  • Irene Polo Blanco (University of Cantabria, Spain)

           Concrete models for the learning of geometry: a historical perspective

  • Carles Puig-Pla (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain)

            Las matemáticas en las instituciones catalanas desde mediados del siglo XVIII a mediados del siglo XIX

  • Fàtima Romero Vallhonesta (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain)

           El diálogo sobre la aritmética en la Arithmética Práctica y Speculativa (1562) de Juan Pérez de Moya

  • Emma Sallent Del Colombo (University of Barcelona, Spain)

           La matematica nella corrispondenza fra Gösta Mittag-Leffler e Vito Volterra