The Institute for Logic, Cognition, Language, and Information (ILCLI) of the University of the Basque Country (Donostia—San Sebastian) now invites applications for the 2014/2016 Research Master in Cognitive Science and Humanities: Language, Communication and Organization. The Institute is a lively interdisciplinary research community of around 30 members. Its aim is to promote high quality research and excellent teaching which challenges and inspires students and faculty alike. Stimulating critical thinking and analytical skills, the program offers a multidisciplinary education on key concepts and problems in the intersection of cognitive science and humanities. The Master prepares the students for a Ph.D. All courses are taught in English.

A two-year long program has been designed to prepare talented students for a Ph.D., and an academic or professional career. This program emphasizes methodological skills, encourages interdisciplinary approaches, and provides the student with ample opportunity to pursue his or her particular interests in small groups and/or individual tutorials.

The Master is structured in 90 ECTS (60 theoretical and practical and 30 for the Master Thesis). Students entering with a degree of 180 ECTS will be able to obtain the extra 30 ECTS needed through complementary theoretical and practical ECTS.

Students may specialize in any topic in the intersection between the Humanities (Philosophy, Rhetoric, Art, Ethics,…) and the Cognitive Sciences (Linguistics, Logic, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy of Action and Mind,…) related to the studies of Language, Communication and Action.

This is an International Master, designed to attract both international students and teachers. The teaching staff includes researchers from national and foreign Universities, including the University of the Basque Country, Barcelona, La Laguna, Valencia, Ottawa and Paris. Also, exchange programs are arranged for Master Students with some Research Centers in Europe (Erasmus Programme).


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