Environmental Management at the UPV/EHU

The Campus Planeta Plan seeks to be the benchmark for the UPV/EHU’s healthy and sustainable environmental management policy, by creating the instruments to enable all the issues in that regard to be addressed. In turn, this plan aims to be a model for the whole university community to adopt new life and consumption habits by means of everyday practice at each campus.

Campus Planeta is structured around the pragmatic lines of action of environmental management (energy, water, waste, urban development and infrastructures, health and wellbeing, transport and mobility, responsible purchasing and consumption, and climate change) and its goals are:

  1. Optimising the consumption of materials and resources, and promoting the use of reusable or recyclable materials.

  2. Helping to save energy and encouraging preferential use of clean and renewable energies.

  3. Responsible management of the waste generated. 

  4. Adding environmental criteria to the planning of campus layouts and plans to construct/refurbish buildings and infrastructures.

  5. Promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles within the university community. 

  6. Facilitating access to university facilities in safe and sustainable modes of transport. 

  7. Encouraging responsible purchases and consumption. 

  8. Capacitating the university community with a view to mitigation and adaptation to climate change. 

  9. Ensuring that governance and management are in line with environmental sustainability.

  10. Offering training and an advisory service for proper environmental management, and working to make good environmental practices visible.