Benefits to Participating Companies (Industrial Membres)

Member companies will take an active role by influencing the research program through their representative in the Scientific Board. We are looking for a highly interactive environment in steering the program of the consortium, and hence the number of members will be limited. Further details on the benefits to the participating companies are given below. Member companies will support the research program with Euro 17,500 Euro/year with an initial 3 years commitment, then they can remain in the program on year to year basis. Members contributions will be mainly devoted to finance PhD projects and, eventually, to acquire specialized equipment..  

Each participating company will have the opportunity to influence the research program through its representative on the Scientific Board.

Personnel of the industrial members can attend to the annual research meeting to be held tentatively in September in which the faculty member and students review the progress of their research, present an update of the research program and discuss future plans.

An electronic network via Internet will be available to facilitate continuous and easy communication. As part of this electronic network, a web site only accessible to members will contain updates of the research projects as well as preprints of the publications and conference presentations. This will include non-confidential results obtained in projects funded by other partners (typically, governmental agencies). The web site also will contain information of general interest as future meetings or links with other web sites on polymers.

Member companies are entitled to two days of consulting per year by any member of the PPG free of charge (except for travel costs). Consultation on the phone or by email is done without cost.

Consortium members will receive a 20% discount in sample characterization carried out by POLYMAT personnel. In addition, special agreements are available for the companies' personnel to use the experimental facilities at PPG.

All non-confidential software for modeling and controlling polymerization in dispersed systems will be available to Liaison Members free of charge.

Consortium members will have priority in participating in projects funded by governmental agencies and in particular by the European Union.

PPG encourages long-term research projects with Industrial Liaison Members. They are entitled to an Euro 7,000 discount on the yearly cost of the project.

Research stages by Member scientific personnel to PPG laboratories are welcome at cost basis.