"Emulsion Polymerization Processes" Course


Course on Emulsion Polymerization Processes September 2021

Letter from the Organizing Committee:

Dear All,
As you are all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption to our day-to-day lives and it is uncertain how the situation will evolve in the coming months. However, at one point, it will become necessary for all of us to make an effort to restore our regular activities. It is with this in mind that we wish to announce that we have decided to proceed with the annual Course on Emulsion Polymerization Processes that is scheduled to take place in September 2021.

It will be given on-line over several weeks (on Mondays afternoon), starting on September 13, 2021.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3scUSd8E9Y


The course is designed for scientists and engineers from industry and academia actively interested in emulsion polymerization.


Joxe Mari Korta Center, Avda. Tolosa, 72, 20018, Donostia-San Sebastian (SPAIN) 

Course fee

On-line attendance will be 1,000 € (free of bank charges).

Company members of the Industrial Liaison Program in Polymerization in Dispersed Media may register two people free of charge. Additional personnel from these companies may also register at half of the regular fee.

Payment method

The payment of the course fee will be made by bank transfer to “POLYMAT-Ingeniería Instituto Materiales Poliméricos”, ES65 2095 0292 9010 6157 2763 (Bank: “KUTXABANK”, C/Getaria 9-11, 20005 Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain) with the SWIFT code: BASKES2BXXX. Please reference your name and the full name of your company and send a copy of the bank transfer paper to us.


Online registration     

The course is already full.