The client or user service is provided in the first instance by the technical staff responsible for the service and by their specialist advisor.
Users or applicants may also approach and send queries to other SGIker staff involved in resolving problems or incidents via the web page, in the contact section, or using the telephone number and e-mail address to be found in the Team section.
The user or client service will respond to all enquiries, queries or requests for further information about services provided and conditions for use of the technology available. It can also supply information about any applications, complaints and claims through the suggestion box available on the web page.


Application for services
Applications for service must be made through each Unit's web page, using the space reserved for Application for Service. There they will find an application form to use, which they should e-mail or hand over to the technical staff of the service, or they may apply on line, depending on each case.
If they do not have access to e-mail or the internet, they can ask the technical staff for assistance, as pointed out above.
By making an application for service, a user accepts the current rates applicable in each case, the current rules for access to SGIker and each Unit or Service's specific rules for access.
Once the application has been made, the SGIker expert will contact the applicant in order to establish the conditions for use of the service and send them a quotation for the work requested, if applicable.

Requirements and documents
Applicants from the UPV/EHU must meet the necessary requirements for use of the technology and services available. The requirements for access are linked to authorisation by principal researchers and those in charge of projects for the use and contracting of services, with the authorisation necessary for access to technology, with a specification of the work to be done, the type of user and the beneficiary of the results obtained. These requirements will determine the type of current rate to be applied.
In any case, SGIker staff may request documentary evidence in order to assess the above criteria and establish the type of user.

Applicable rates and forms of payment
In applying for a service and accepting the quotation issued, the user or body making the application undertakes to effect payment of the amounts stated on the quotation or the published rates for the service.
Applicable rates are as published on the web page of each Service or Unit.
UPV/EHU rates

  1. Payment by redistribution between organic units: where the service is provided at the expense of an organic project unit, a department or a service at the UPV/EHU.

Rates for public research bodies (OPIs)

  1. Payment by bank transfer: where the service is provided at the expense of an OPI and payment made by bank transfer or payment into an account.

Rates for other public or private bodies and individuals

  1. Payment by bank transfer charged to an individual: where the outside user pays for the service personally.
  2. Payment by bank transfer charged to a company or other public or private body: where the outside user is an employee of a company or other body which pays for the service.

Ordinary services and routine analyses of samples are subject to current rates as published by the service at the time of making the application or arranging the service.
If the applicant wishes, and always in the case of special services or those arranged or applied for the first time, the service expert will issue and send the applicant a free quotation.
If they accept the quotation, the user or body making the application must return it signed and/or stamped and dated to the Service so that the latter can plan and organise the work to be done.
Signature of the quotation by the applicant or client body implies their full acceptance of these rules for access to SGIker and the special rules for access to the Unit or Service in question.
The SGIker Service or Unit reserves the right to invoice any work additional or supplementary to the samples or service requested. If the items in the quotation are altered, the service expert will inform the applicant of such changes.

Settlement of invoices
Depending on the monetary amount shown in the quotation, SGIker reserves the right to invoice 40% of the total quotation for the work applied for in advance. The user or client will be informed of this payment in advance by the expert at the SGIker Unit and it must be settled for the service to begin.
Payment for all services rendered externally must be made by bank transfer or payment into the UPV/EHU vice-rectorate for research's account number  at the Kutxabank bank:

Account Number 2095 0292 90 9101266146
IBAN ES 33 2095 0292 90 9101266146


The technical staff of the SGIker maintains confidentiality in the management of all the information obtained or created during the realization of the activities requested by the user and in case of wanting to make information publicly available, it will inform the owner in advance, except in cases where it is made available to the public or agreed with the laboratory. The rest of the information is considered confidential.

When the information is required by law, the user or interested person must be notified of the information provided, unless prohibited by law.

The information about the user, obtained by a source other than the user, is confidential and is not shared with the user unless agreed with the source.

Likewise, any person (user or not) who accesses the laboratories and equipment assigned to the General Research Services must maintain a commitment to safety and confidentiality, both in relation to people and infrastructures, and to data and information sensitive to which you may have access in the Service. In this case, you must show your agreement with this commitment by accepting these rules by requesting the Service, or by signing the corresponding commitment of confidentiality that the technical staff will make available to you.


In accordance with the provisions of article 13 of Regulation EU 2016/679, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data, as an interested person, I have been previously informed of the above, in relation to the treatment of personal data in the terms collected in the internet address.


The user or applicant is entitled to receive information about the results for the analysis or service arranged. The issue of detailed reports and interpretation of the results is subject to specific rates which may be included in the quotation submitted.
The Service takes no responsibility  for the results obtained failing to meet the applicant's research expectations due to the nature of the sample analysed.

Acknowledgement of the service provided

In case the results of the analysis or experiment are used for some type of scientific publication, communication to congress or Doctoral Thesis, the use of the SGIker Service or Unit (UPV / EHU) should be cited in the acknowledgments with one of the texts available in the Thank you policy from the SGIker.


In the case of any dissatisfaction, incident or request for expended information on the services or results of analysis, the applicant may contact user or client service by any of the means stated at the start of these rules for access to SGIker or via any of the means of communication available. SGIker would be grateful if applicants could complete a satisfaction questionnaire once its work is complete.